Our cloud solution utilizes 100% renewable energy, eliminating the carbon footprint of our cloud customers. Is an important step to sustain a clean, green and livable environment, and to help transform enterprises into a low-carbon economy - the carbon tax credits are worth millions to corporations that can lower their carbon footprint.

For clients who utilize a hybrid cloud or an on-premises solution, Z-IMPACT has developed an innovative ecosystem comprised of a unified hardware and software solution. This ecosystem delivers up to 85% reductions in carbon making the realization of a green data center a reality. The Z-IMPACT ecosystem enables clients to radically downsize their data center, gain massive efficiencies in power and cooling, and leverage breakthrough performance with the industry's first, true hyperconverged infrastructure solution.

Our energy-efficient technology is environmentally responsible and enables enterprise, co-location, and cloud data centers to break away from traditional, inefficient data center configurations and operate on-premises, in a hybrid-cloud, or in dedicated private/public cloud solutions.


By developing a fully integrated technology ecosystem, Z-IMPACT has reset the economics of the modern data center by optimizing the data center infrastructure efficiency (DCiE), a metric used to determine the energy efficiency of a data center.


By utilizing a modular approach, Z-IMPACT enables the rapid deployment of scalable, agile infrastructure inside the data center or within a free-standing deployment of 20′ or 40′ containers.


Wide-ranging capabilities that enable a self-contained geographic deployment. This provides compute density far greater than anything on the market at the source and enables connectivity to the enterprise with minimized energy requirements and satellite uplinks.



Z-IMPACT will provide complimentary data center migration services to qualifying enterprise customers who purchase a iStormCloud E4500 or E7000 HCI Appliance during 2019.



Z-IMPACT Hyperconverged Infrastructure appliances enable data centers to reduce their energy consumption by as much as 85%.