business continuity planning

According to a recent ITIC study, 98% of organizations report that a single hour of downtime costs them $100,000 or more, while 81% state that the hourly cost is $300,000 or more. These are just averages: the actual duration and cost of an outage can be far higher, even for small-to-medium sized businesses, often reaching millions of dollars per incidence.


With so much complexity in today’s computing environment, it’s fair to say we’ve entered a new computing era. However, it’s likely your business continuity plans were put in place during the preceding era—when the path to data recovery was clearer and simpler.

That puts you in danger. Because if you’re still using an old model that assigns a flat dollar value for recovery, without properly determining the actual financial risk of downtime and data loss, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Remember, the average downtime event can cost a midsize company up to $300,000 per hour or more in direct costs. And that doesn’t even include the indirect costs, which include customer turnover, the need for new customer acquisition programs, and decreased customer goodwill.

But what if we told you there was a way reduce your costs, remove the complexity and prevent the consequences of downtime entirely?

Built-in BCP, DR and Backup in the iPulse OS

Inherent to the iStormCloud Ecosystem is the process of creating resilience, prevention and recovery to deal with potential threats to a company. The geographic synchronicity enables the iStormCloud to have fail-safe 100% availability protection in every layer. We not only have a Active-Active, Active-Passive a Hot-Cold-Standby we have replication built into the iPulse OS and part of the Fluid Enterprise Architecture that enables instant provisioning replication for A-B-C-D, etc..

To ensure 100% availability geographically in a state-less non-repeatable ecosystem all self-reliant to combat any event that could negatively impact operations, BCP is part of our fabric ingrained into our ecosystem, such as supply chain interruption, loss of or damage to critical infrastructure (computing | network | resources).  We recommend three (3) disparate Data Centers at a minimum for on premise topologies or to utilize our Cloud Data Center in a hybrid fashion composing two (2) data centers to combat a regional or coastal event. The iStormCloud appliances have redundancy and internal failover capabilities as well.