Colocation centers will become “Centers of Data”. These are emerging centers, where on-premise is making a mass movement to colocation centers. By 2025, 80% of enterprise customers will have shut down their traditional data center, versus 10% today.

In 2018, colocation absorption rates, which include the cloud providers, have reached record highs, with 357.85MW in the top U.S. markets and 46.3MW in the top Canadian markets. This is an intense drain on the energy grid and with the movement of the cloud and the looming data center crisis we need to remedy the situation quickly.

The Benefits of Colocation

Building, outfitting, and configuring a data center requires enormous amounts of capital and expertise. Most enterprise data centers consume at least 10,000 square feet and many reach significantly beyond that to over 100,000 square feet or more. The level of investment required can exceed $1,300 per sf. Allocating that amount of capital to a new data center can put a strain on cash flow and the overall balance sheet.

By leveraging colocation and cloud, enterprises can avoid the high cost of owing and operating their own data center. Expenditures are more easily forecasted, CAPEX allocations are more predictable, and the balance sheet has fewer peaks and valleys resulting in better financial performance overall. Combining colocation with cloud, customers can manage workloads without having to invest time and capital owning and operating their own data center.

Colocation Centers can Scale Effectively with Z-IMPACT

Z-IMPACT plays a key role in helping colocation centers scale. Z-IMPACT is the only “True Complete HCI Solution” combining state-of-the-art technology enabling colocation centers to transform and address the market demand. Z-IMPACT provides faster business agility, greater data protection, geographic synchronicity with on-premise or edge computing and time to value from the cloud. With Z-IMPACT, colocation centers can accommodate 4-12 times more equipment thereby increasing their scalability and capability to offer services to their customers without having to invest in additional floor space. For colocation centers that require more floor space, Z-IMPACT offers iStormCloud E7000 Modular 40’ Containers that can be stacked like Lego blocks, dramatically reducing the cost of scaling the colocation center.

Z-IMPACT Z-CLOUD Colocation Center

For customers looking for a colocation solution, Z-IMPACT has planned it’s own 3500sf cloud computing facility housing 38 iStormCloud E7000 Enterprise Appliances (212,800 cores, 11.4PB RAM, 5.56EB Storage).