iStormCloud E7000 40′ Modularized Data Center

The Modular Data Center 40’ Containerization is an ISO-standard fully insulated containerized data center incorporating Faraday Cage properties with SAT Datacom and GLINK. Redundant utility interface points for power and cooling systems. Connections to a supporting Power Container.


Modular Data Centers, for example, could receive one (1) 40′ container by a single truck.

iStormCloud E7000 MODULAR Ecosystem a 40′ Container has an abundance of power (201,600 cores, 10.8 PB of RAM and 4.32 EB Storage). The unit payload is 13,350 lbs. easily be stacked 2 or 3 high in a modular data center that is designed to handle these “Lego Block” configurations. The power requirements are ~3,456 Kwh.

Our competition to accomplish the same footprint of eighteen (36) E7000 would quickly fill the data center. For example the closest competitor is Dell’s MX7000 and they would require the following: 84 containers of compute and approximately 7,848,576 Kwh of power.