Data Center Transformation

The movement to the cloud is now at a critical pivot point. With only 10% movement from on-premise to colocation centers thus far, analysts are predicting a huge surge during the next 2 years, creating a data center crisis. This will have an adverse effect on the energy industry unless something truly disruptive happens.

Data Center Crisis

We will need 4,000 more data centers by 2020.  This will require approximately 200K sqft, and 25MW for each facility because the U.S., as well as countries around the globe, are creating 600 new zettabytes of data each year, which is about 200% more data than current data centers can handle.

Z-IMPACT plays a key role as a the only true HCI solution combining state-of-the-art technology into the data center. Z-IMPACT provides faster business agility, greater data protection, and geographic synchronicity with on-premise or edge computing improving time to value from the cloud transition. Operation in the colocation centers is a cornerstone of market penetration by Z-IMPACT as the economies of scale are magnified. This ground breaking disruption quickly has Z-IMPACT positioned to be the backbone to the cloud.

Z-IMPACT has created the highest density in the market, >12x, resulting in floor space reductions of 75-90% which are key to mitigating the pending data center crisis.

Dramatically Reduce, Replace, or Eliminate Your Data Center

Z-IMPACT technology provides:

  • 50-80% cost reduction

  • 50-75% reduction of supporting infrastructure

  • 75-90% elimination of data center floor space

  • 50-75% reduction of energy consumption

This allows for the downsizing, reduction, replacement or entire elimination of a data center. If you’re building a new data center, review this list of considerations and see the tangible benefits Z-IMPACT iStormCloud can have on your design.

After an enterprise deployment, Z-IMPACT allows you to collapse within the same data center and begin to consolidate multiple data centers so you have no more than 3 downsized data centers for HA | BCP| DR coverage. This offers the capability to have >19x growth capability after recovering 50-80% of space required, it condenses business operations, eliminate multiple data centers, recapture funds allocated for land, buildings, infrastructure, hardware and operations personnel. An investment that can be put to use into growing the business with edge computing or modernizing the application that run it.

What does this mean? To large enterprises, this means recovery of billions back to the business. To the colocation center this means increased revenue and profits >19x per location. To a company looking at cloud computing you could save >75% costs yearly. No IT industry vendor has accomplished this level of disruption!

Transformation of the Data Center

The level of transformation that is possible with Z-IMPACT can positively affect the financial health of the business, recovering massive returns in equity back to the balance sheet. The iStormCloud Ecosystem directly impacts your business’s bottom line through three clear value propositions:


Replacing the legacy hardware and modernize the facilities they operate under the iEnvironment . iStormCloud HCI appliances have a direct, immediate and massive affect on business operations cutting the costs of your data center >50-80% OPEX and PUE costs >50-75%.


The journey of the convergence of new data center facility built for the innovative Hyperconverged (on-premise, cloud or hybrid) Infrastructure (HCI), provides the ability to run a flexible wide-area virtualization that may fluctuate with the instantaneous workload changes.


Improvements to cast the Data Center geographically in geographic synchronicity while being presented as a single-pane-of-glass, providing a desirable future of your enterprise, that is nimble, energized and oriented toward rapid innovation wherever the business requires collection of metrics or support of operations.