Environmental Impact

Our patent pending technology is revolutionizing the approach to how we build, manage, populate and provide customer centricity into green data centers (our Z-CLOUD is hosted in the most state-of-the-art Tier-5 Switch SuperNAP data centers). Having a truly self contained HCI Ecosystem you can begin to see how significant of an impact we bring to the table in terms of bringing them true HCI. Physically reducing data centers by tens of thousands of square feet, reducing power (energy) by hundreds of thousands of watts, reducing operational risk, and improving their performance IO by a factor of 30 or greater.

We are environmentally responsible when we do this while mitigating the disruption to our environment, supporting alternative energy sources and the reducing the power plant requirements that are required to support millions of data centers. 

The Z-IMPACT Difference

Z-IMPACT addresses the key factors of the environment (land, space, energy) and data center performance within our Ecosystem – this allows disruptive changes to the data center infrastructure:

  1. Electrical infrastructure (UPS systems, generators, transfer switches & switchgear, rack PDU, and other electrical infrastructure)

  2. Extending to power plant requirements to service the data center

  3. Mechanical infrastructure (cooling systems, rack, and other infrastructure),

  4. IT infrastructure (server, storage, and network)

  5. Tier standard availability [Tier 1 (99.671%), Tier 2 (99.741%), Tier 3 (99.982%), and Tier 4 (99.995%)],

  6. General construction (building development, installation and commissioning services, building design, physical security, and DCIM)

  7. Land acquisition and management

  8. Geographic location restrictions (North America, Europe, APAC, Latin America, and MEA).

We did an analysis of a Mega Data Center – Whitepaper,  IT Brand Loyalty and Sunk Cost Dilemma.The bottom line: this this mega center is 42,000 square meters (452,084.24 sq ft) of data center space with four data halls (113,021.06 sq ft / each) and requires 32 MW to operate. Z-IMPACT Computing cabinet require 96.25% less power, therefore Z-IMPACT requires 1.2 MW for the same number of cabinets. We could fit 800 iStormCloud E4500 ecosystems in the same data center. Our footprint would require 36,000 sq ft this would be a space reduction of ~92% (revision November 16, 2018 is 24,000 sq ft a space reduction of ~94.7%).