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Hybrid Cloud

Switch SuperNAP data center

Switch SuperNAP data center

Z-IMPACT provides everything needed for a business to be successful, including full cloud hosting, cloud deployments, secure hardened sites or hybrid deployments all delivered in hyperscale. A true BCP/DR solutions, DoD certified encryption solutions, interactive firewall protection, including data classification identification in transit. We provide Message Queue, Data Lakes, ELK solutions and logging to advanced VDI and VOIP solutions to end point zero client VDI solutions. The Z-IMPACT cloud, called Z-CLOUD, is hosted at Switch SuperNAP centers throughout North America.

Z-IMPACT iStormCloud is the Backbone to the Cloud

  1. Built on the intelligent and sustainable growth of the Internet

  2. Scale Business Fluidity with Ever-Changing Requirements

  3. Embeds BCP | DR and Backup solutions

  4. Provides multiple-levels of flexibility

  5. Resource availability anytime over any deployed Switch SuperNAP center

  6. Lowered operating costs both in the ecosystem and the data center

  7. Fully agile under the iMesh Agility software deployed across the ecosystem

  8. Increased data protection of the physical iStormCloud ecosystem and site security

  9. Boost Productivity with Collaboration

  10. Only fully environmental responsible ecosystem and data center on the planet

What is Cloud Hyperscale?

Scalability often is discussed at the application layer, highlighting capability of a system, network or process to handle a growing amount of workload, or its potential to be enlarged in order to accommodate that growth. Cloud Hyperscale Computing is everywhere suggests storing, accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of within your on-premise data center. Many hybrid cloud solutions provide environment that uses a mix of on-premises, private cloud and third-party, public cloud services with orchestration between the two platforms. 

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

The hybrid cloud involves managing workloads on premises and in the cloud, while private clouds are ones that companies run themselves, either in their own data centers or on dedicated hardware in the public cloud.

Z-IMPACT iStormCloud Hyperscale is Unique

With Z-IMPACT iStormCloud, clients maintain geographic synchronicity between all deployments, producing a single-pane-of-glass view of the topology of all units coordinated in a single unification whether deployed in a hybrid fashion, on-premise or in the cloud – a complete picture of the overall business. Enterprise, any business or military deployments provide interconnectability from the Enterprise (modernization) BCP/DR, to the Divisions (modularization), to the network edge (mobilization).

To have true hyperscale abilities, you need not only an advanced scaling solution, you need replication software. DR/BCP capabilities and infrastructure agility that is native to Z-IMPACT software, to ensure you can hyperscale not only across a physical solution we need to hyperscale across regions or countries or theaters of operation as well in geographic synchronicity, interconnected as a single-pane-of-glass (it’s the InfiniBand network and the connectivity into it) whether you are on-premise, in the cloud (private or public) or utilize a hybrid cloud.