Non-Stop. Turn-Key. PUE Efficient. Density. Minimized Floor Space. Minimized MTBF. Scalable Performance Unmatched.

iStormCloud Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is a family of appliances in a blueprint that drives 100% availability on non-stop hardware, transforming the Data Center by compressing the density, eliminating the hot/cold aisles and increasing performance 30x and scalability by 100x redefines a new Data Center.

The Z-IMPACT iStormCloud Hyperconverged Ecosystems (Shipping Q4 2019), closed and sealed, and are not serviceable by the user or owner. The hardware and software are delivered as an integrated product and may be pre-configured before delivery to a customer, to provide a turn-key solution for a particular application.


The iStormCloud infrastructure is a blueprint that drives 100% availability on non-stop hardware, compressing the density of the Data Center and eliminating the hot/cold aisles and controlled by the iSoftware the iHardware has inherent power management to further reduce power requirements and efficiencies. We have a family of appliances ranging from the Enterprise, SMB, RBO and EDGE.

We also have specialized appliances for ELK, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, GPU and Highly Integrated via petabytes of connectivity, highly scalable, resilient exceeding all expectations in performance and resilience giving you true hyperconverged translating to an unmatched competitive edge.