Gold Standard. Proven Playbook. Minimized Risk. Transformation. Zero-Impact Migration and Managed Services. 

Z-IMPACT has robust and proven services programs, that take you from the initial assessment, to jointly developing a modernization playbook to deliver our various service offerings that saves our client’s money by migrating them off their legacy applications, storage, networks and aging compute.

Featuring DCMP – Data Center Migration Program. Z-IMPACT has a World-Class ‘Gold Standard’ Migration Services Program and a set of Processes to eliminate risk and minimize impact during migration to allow seamless zero-impact migration event that mitigates the risk of migrations, consolidations and restructuring while requiring no impact on users.

Empowering Environmentally sound Transformation

Z-IMPACT is empowering an environmentally sound transformation in a digital world across an evolving digital world, disruptive and emerging technology trends in business, industry, science, and entertainment increasingly impact the world’s economies. Move your entire data center to our cloud solution. Run your applications and business on true hyperconverged hardware.

AWS, Google and Azure look for the cheapest hardware solution to run their cloud. Why would you leave your business to run on substandard hardware?

Our systems are made in the USA, assembled and programmed by US workers and Veterans. We ensure the highest standards, and highest quality parts go into our iStormCloud Ecosystem.