iStormCloud E7000 Vault Ecosystem

Businesses can achieve massive bottom-line immediate and long-term positive movements once they adopt iStormCloud HCI technology in their data centers. Businesses will also have quicker decision making against their liquid data with many analytic tools by having the computing power, storage and memory to contemplate the business’ next moves in real-time adapting their reaction to immediately take advantage as business climates change – moving at the speed of business!


A single 3,000 sq. ft data center will fit a single iStormCloud E7000-V1 Vault’s with additional room for expansion to upgrade to an E7000-V2. Once in the E7000 scalability is easy. This Ecosystem then scales a iStormCloud E7000 from this humble beginning in 90 sq. ft to 1,500 sq. ft contains 168,000 cores, 9PB of RAM and 3,600 PB (3.6 EB) Storage and 1,908 KW within its first iStormCloud E7000 Vault.

To build out a large-scale enterprise data center you can scale out into a 2nd iStormCloud E7000 Vault within your enterprise. This E7000-V2 Vault expansion doubles the floor space 3,000 sq. ft. and contains 336,000 cores, 18 PB of RAM and 7,200 PB (7.2 EB) Storage. Think of the endless possibilities, re-imagine what you can with Z-IMPACT. The only limit is your imagination. Host your data center on a cloud infrastructure built entirely for the Cloud, HCI, Super Computing, or whatever your data center needs require. The iStormCloud E7000 provides companies with a robust solution for Enterprise Computing, Cloud Computing, or Hybrid Cloud Computing.

iStormCloud E7000 Vault V1.png

iStormCloud E7000 Vault Scalability

This is a Fortune 500 mega data center replacement. This Ecosystem then scales a iStormCloud E7000 from this humble beginning in 90 sq. ft to E7000-V7 10,500 sq. ft.

Your E-7000 Series can scale and mix cores, memory and storage to customize to your desired fully populated Vault solution in your data center.

E7000-V3 Vault (504,000 Cores, 27 PB of RAM and 10,800 PB (10.8 EB) of Storage) – 4,500 sqft including aisle space.

E7000-V4 Vault (672,000 Cores, 36 PB of RAM and 14,400 PB (14.4 EB) of Storage) – 6,000 sqft including aisle space.

E7000-V5 Vault (840,000 Cores, 45 PB of RAM and 18,000 PB (18 EB) of Storage) 7,500 sqft including aisle space.

E7000-V6 Vault (1,008,000 Cores, 54 PB of RAM and 21,600 PB (21.6 EB) of Storage) 9,000 sqft including aisle space.

E7000-V7 Vault (1,176,000 Cores, 63 PB of RAM and 25,200 PB (25.2 EB) of Storage) 10, 500 sqft including aisle space.

iStormCloud E7000 Vault Software


  • Fluid Enterprise Architecture (FEA)

  • Dynamic Infrastructure (DI)

  • Dynamic Framework (DF)


  • Software Defined Hypervisor (SDH)

  • Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI)

  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)

  • Software Defined Network Storage (SDNS)

  • Software Defined Storage (SDS)


  • iPulseTM OS v2 IronRock (OS 17.02)

  • iDRACS is an advanced Disaster Recovery and Continuity Solutions

  • iMesh XaaS Agile Platform

  • iMesh Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)

  • Advanced Firewall Security and Encryption solutions

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

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