iStormCloud M2200 Edge Appliance

This ruggedized iStormCloud M2200 EDGE appliance is truly an edge computing portable deployment in any environment, transportation, moving vehicle, sea transport or airborne operation available exclusively to customers who purchase an iStormCloud E4200, E4500, or E7000 appliance.

Connecting the dots allows a thousand points of light to communicate as a single command-and control operation bringing real-time data to delivery up-to-the-second analytics, business decisions. Whether this is part of blockchain, store, farm, remote field locations or used in field movements. This appliance provides immediate communications, everything you need to have compute on the edge providing data or interacting with other similar units to provide unification of the body of deployments to as a centralized data collection or field unit corrections instantly.

The M2200 has 224 cores, 12TB RAM and 1.2PB Storage in a small 2U footprint. It is highly resilient, scalable and perfect for an EDGE portable field sites that are required to run large workloads with ease in the most unusual locations. The M2200 is meant to work with the E4500 or E7000 Appliances as an uplink of real-time field-driven inputs to facilitate computing at the speed of business.

Proof-of-Value (POV) Appliance

This M2200 unit can be used by Partners to showcase the power of the Z-IMPACT iStormCloud solution in their environment. Then replicate the customer’s application to iCloudDRS to showcase a hybrid-cloud computing scenario or disaster recovery scenario. Our geographic synchronicity of Z-IMPACT iStormCloud is a powerful alternative connecting enterprise computing to edge computing in the field.


iStormCloud M2200 Software


  • Fluid Enterprise Architecture (FEA)

  • Dynamic Infrastructure (DI)

  • Dynamic Framework (DF)


  • Software Defined Hypervisor (SDH)

  • Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI)

  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)

  • Software Defined Network Storage (SDNS)

  • Software Defined Storage (SDS)


  • iPulseTM OS v2 IronRock (OS 17.02)

  • iDRACS is an advanced Disaster Recovery and Continuity Solutions

  • iMesh XaaS Agile Platform

  • iMesh Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)

  • Advanced Firewall Security and Encryption solutions

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

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