Managed service provider (Msp)

A skilled team or partners, with multiple certifications from our sourcing “Virtual Bench” are knowledgeable technology consultants that augment your staff or fulfill larger IT roles.  They are placed on-site at your Data Center locations and become “Citizen Consultants”, that are available on a daily basis during project kickoff, design, build, production and operation phases that deliver an a 24x7x365 Managed Service. The Citizen Consultant will focus on your specific needs, business operations, seasonality, best practices, and provide insider access to managed problem tickets with the iResponse Center or escalated issues with the iEscalation Teams at Z-IMPACT.

By adopting a Citizen Consultant, you can improve productivity, consistency, and efficiency of your Z-IMPACT ecosystem. Citizen Consultants can also service you remotely or on T&M if your business requires a team of skilled personnel. Our Managed Services and Migration Delivery teams work on lengthy projects or are onsite for 3-5 years.