data center migration program

Z-IMPACT has a world-class ‘Gold Standard’ Migration Services Program and a set of Processes to eliminate risk and minimize impact during migration to allow seamless zero-impact migration event that mitigates the risk of migrations, consolidations and restructuring while requiring no impact on users. Our DAM (Dynamic Application Migration) Data Center Interface enables a staging of the legacy application environments that enables you to operate in tandem with the legacy system, in-order for validation to occur for your Business-Critical Applications. Once ready, the go-live migration takes seconds, allowing you to roll forward to the new ecosystem or roll-back as required to the legacy system.

Our migration services’ proven methodology allows the key stages of our services help you minimize risk and maximize benefits:

  • Assessment – We have an extensive pre-migration assessment process used to analyze the current state of your legacy systems, gathering detailed information on easy and complexity of each migration.

  • Staged Migration – We offer pre-testing, replays, and dry-runs to eliminate 100% of the downtime, user disruptions, errors, and risk with our simplified migration program.

  • Coexistence – We maintain 100% business productivity during the honeymoon stage, after go-live to ensure the new ecosystem is operating as expected.

  • Management – Monitor, report and recover across your new environment

Our consultants and partner are all certified in the programs methodology and proven result playbook.