z-impact containerized data center solutions

Containers are fixed compute, modular and plug together like Lego blocks that can be deployed in modular data center, colocation as-a-service, or in the field transported by air, land or water.

Z-IMPACT 40’ (Compute) Container is for deployment in a large-to-mega Data Center that has adopted modularization. This iStormCloud E7000 Vault Ecosystem, is packed with power – (201,6000 cores, 10.8PB of RAM and 4.32 EB Storage), delivering a quality turn-key solution faster, with a fixed repeatable cost structure compared to legacy data center construction project. Companies like Facebook, EBay, Amazon, etc. can add new capacity seamlessly without business interruption to expand a ecosystem or in co-location centers to provide Hyperconverged Infrastructure-as-a-Service (HCIaaS) instantly as required by the application workloads without intervention.



Z-IMPACT 20’ Containers (Compute, HVAC and Power) are military specification containers built for FASTRAP deployment. ISO Containers include static shielding and conductive bins. Static shielding features complete Faraday cage protection, buried metal construction, and amine free interior. Meets the electrostatic requirements of Mil B-81705 Type 3. Conductive bins feature a carbon filled copolymer polypropylene construction with reinforced walls and wide ledges for high stacking. Protects electronic components from electrostatic interference and meets MIL-B-81075B.


Avoid organizing a fleet to deploy your solution… the Compute Container has redundant refrigeration and supports dual redundant power sources. This iStormCloud E7000 Ecosystem Container has an abundance of power (100,800 cores, 5.4 PB of RAM and 2.16 EB Storage). The unit payload is 13,350 lbs. easily handled by an Osprey helicopter that has a Max Weight of 15,000 lbs., the Power Container contains 2 power sources of equal generation to ~1,728 Kwh – diesel, biomass, solar, fuel cell, etc., both containers are certified as Military FASTRAP.

This solution can be deployed worldwide by a single truck load of two (2) 20′ containers or by helicopter either as two loads or two helicopters under any circumstances to provide the computing power to support a Digital Economy, DOD operations, FEMA disaster relief, etc., quickly, simply, efficiently and cost effectively; wider streamline deployments geographically enables an immediate and timely response and restoration of service or the creation of an absent service.