The Z-IMPACT Partner Program is designed for organizations to resell Z-IMPACT Ecosystem Appliance and Services. Our ecosystems are designed for On-Premise or Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud appliances delivered as Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) in the form of computing that provides virtualized computing resources.

The program encourages the data center replacement of existing hardware deployments related to a specific application or SMB or Enterprise with a Z-IMPACT Appliance as a Leased Subscription and Service contracts that provide clear business value for customers and managed by the Z-IMPACT team of experts. With Z-IMPACT the ecosystem operates cohesively with your company worry-free of disruption, scalability or performance.

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Partner Categories

The following categories exist for Z-IMPACT Partners:

  • Advisor - trusted advisors, consultants, and leads

  • Reseller - agents to local markets, customer base, or industry

  • Distributor - exclusive to a market, geography, vertical industry, or country

  • Strategic - global partners

  • Technology - partners in technology

While each partner category has specific partner requirements and benefits, we have also established partners that work in localized markets  – NA, EMEA, APAC, and LATAM.

We are also in-the-process of creating our Partner Website and Partner Portal in addition to creating many programs around the enablement of our partners.

Partner Relationships drives Sales of iAppliances and iService. Z-IMPACT iStormCloud (iAppliance | iSoftware) Ecosystems are second to none in the IT Industry. Our Onsite Assessment , ensures that we have sound data center, architecture design and ecosystem(s) that will perform optimally to address each customers critical success factors (CSFs). Z-IMPACT Managed Services compliments our ecosystem to provide you and your customers with 100% uptime SLA and optimization of the ecosystem.

General Training

Z-IMPACT Partner Portal will provide training materials for on-boarding partner general sales teams with information on Z-IMPACT products and solutions. We provide a Partner Hot-Line for Q&A for partners to generate a sales quotation.

As partners, we will work together to provide knowledge transfers to fully enable you to pitch the sale, coordinate technical resources, and have the necessary materials that the prospect or customer may need about Z-IMPACT products, solutions and service delivery.

General Certification

The sales certification is based on product knowledge, presentation capabilities, and pricing solutions.

For greater details, please review the Certification Program for an in-depth view.

Partner On-Boarding