time, value, and capital

What if a disruptive technology allowed your company to cut their existing data center space by 50-90% or more… but increase performance 30x, lower operating cost 50-85% and reduce support tickets by over 75% time savings in managing their infrastructure, 100% reduction in downtime, and 90% savings over traditional 3-tier infrastructure. This a reality as CxOs that you could begin to see results in as early as 90 days!

support tickets

Today’s customer service demands have evolved to a current standard that is expected to seamlessly integrate various networks and deliver 24×7 connection with a high level of speed and accessibility. According to latest research more than $1 trillion is spent on 265 billion customer service calls each year industry-wide, with 50% of those calls going unresolved. That data also revealed that poor customer service is costing businesses more than $75 billion a year –up $13 billion since 2016.

Z-IMPACT attention to details in their iPulse OS, iMesh Agility and interfaces to the iStormCloud appliance have increase productivity and performance at their call centers by seamlessly integrating chatbots, feet-on-the-ground and live agents to insure that the CX (Customer Experience) provides optimal customer interaction, saves on customer service costs, speeds up time-to-resolution and service response times, freeing up agents quicker to provide top-notch customer care.

ecosystem (appliance and software

A data center at 80% utilization or near “full capacity” would certainly require an large business expense $38-$50M for a 2nd 5,000 sqft facility or more depending upon the size required for existing and future expansion. The thoughts of going to the cloud, or creating a remote sister facility… all weight in the minds of business leaders as they near capacity. But, what are the possibilities If a company decided that collapsing a Data Center >50% was an option. What would that mean to the business?

Mitigating the future expense of $38-$50M, then shrinking the current 5,000 sqft to 1,000 sqft the immediate benefit is $38-50M (new) and 40-50% reclaiming (current) $19-25M, the PCU electricity savings is >50% depending in what legacy infrastructure in place in the Data Center previously, >$1-3M/year. The cost of Z-IMPACTs to replace legacy technology with state-of-the-art Hyperconverged Infrastructure Ecosystem would have an IRR not seen before in the IT Industry. Recovery or mitigation of millions in infrastructure CAPEX and operating OPEX budgets generating a cash surplus by downsizing or resizing with Z-IMPACT technology.

Estimated Return of a  5,000SF data center replaced by 1,000 sqft Data Center would recover $38-50M to the business. As a CxO executive would this be a game changer to your business and the environment your company operates?



The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is the net rate of return which equals the Net Present Value (NPV) of the cash flows to zero.

Z-IMPACT iStormCloud Ecosystem is would recover the total businesses current CAPEX and OPEX investment each year of operation.

IRR Payback of reclaiming the current infrastructure (land, building, internal equipment) starting in the 1st year and actual return an amazing surplus over a 5-year investment, providing infrastructure agility and free up millions… as a positive cash flow to allocate to other business refinements. Then there is the …

Competitive cost is the final justification to turn the tables on the competition. The Z-IMPACT ecosystem disruptive changes to the datacenter footprint also lowers in cost of the ZeroIMPACT Infrastructure versus the competitions comparable footprint by >50%.

CxO Compelling Justification cannot be overlooked by any CxO it truly is a game-changer and has effects in all the right areas of the business – environment, CAPEX, OPEX, Shareholders, people, facilities, etc…