Z-IMPACT, Inc. creates market separation… relying on our network of Certified Partners we are forging a relationship with the local partner networks globally. As Service Providers we provide a gateway for you to play a significant and important role in the Z-IMPACT iStormCloud Ecosystem.

We train our consultants and partners to deliver a consistent service and provide a clear Statement-of-Work (SOW) of the deliverables once our consultants or partners meet with your technical teams.

Implementation Services

Our implementation services for data centers and our technology implementations is used to identify and rapidly mitigate any serious issues that potentially could impact a client’s enterprise environment or services availability. This includes data center modifications, internal structure design, modifications to prepare the iEnvironment to receive the iStormCloud iAppliance.

Migration Services

Our migration playbook is a certified service delivery program to enable our partners in all aspects of our Migration Services. We have a Certification Program for all Engineers.

While Z-IMPACT remains in strict control of the hardware serviceability of the ecosystem.  Each system sold will have the unification of the “Virtual Workbench” a worldwide network of Managed Services (MSP) that will collaborate with the customers IT staff to facilitate a 100% available environment that is finely tuned to operate in the most efficient manner possible to optimize to the customers dynamic changing workloads.

You have a huge 3-5 year MSP opportunity… for anywhere from 2-10 heads per project or more depending up on the size of the opportunity and resell margin on the deals. Partner Program. We are seeking Global Partners to resell our Appliance (hardware and software) for on-prem, colocation, public/private/hybrid cloud and migration and MSP services.

Managed Services

This is a teaming program that utilizes onshore, offshore and partners to deliver special coding projects, SDx adapters and custom modifications to clients unique topology requirements delivering amazing results.

Custom Development