10-7-19 Z-IMPACT launches nationwide advertising campaign


3-7-2019 Z-IMPACT featured in CIO Application HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure)
”For years, the enterprise landscape has been hamstrung with converged technology that provides only minuscule gains and optimization with minimal software-defined efficiency. Z-IMPACT Inc., an IT company that offers proven professional services and original design manufacturing (ODM) of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) hardware and software, is quickly changing that narrative.”


3-5-2019 Z-IMPACT reveals a TRUE HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure)


1-10-2019 HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure) Playing Field: Z-IMPACT staged to upset the HCI Market in 2019 with true HCI technology. 

  • Z-IMPACT iStormCloud Appliance is built for the RBO, Enterprise and Cloud. Destined to be the “Backbone of the Cloud” by addressing density, scalability, costs and the environmental impact.

  • Geographic synchronicity of the Z-IMPACT solution crosses all the current barriers and unifies each ecosystem into a singular business ecology.


10-30-2018 Information Technology Industry: New Startup is Truly Disruptive

Z-IMPACT creates a drastic improvement of the data center and hyperconverged infrastructure business through the transformation and adaptation of a true ecosystem. Massively cutting the data center footprint and operations costs. It’s not just about the software, it’s the underlying hardware and the environment it runs in that brings about the unification of all three in a true ecosystem.